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Enya and Scorch by Octeapi Enya and Scorch by Octeapi
Some images of my two main irken female characters.

Enya: shy female obviously low self esteem. If anyone knows PLM and knows of how Fluttershy behaves she is kinda like that. (yes i just made a MPL reference) Though she is extremely jumpy, usually if someone speaks to her she will freeze and start backing up.
She is though an amazing hacker, her father helped set up many of the mainframes in the irken armada and sense then they have been advanced. But everything he knows he has drilled into his daughters mind, her thirst for knowledge not being quenched just by this though. She taught herself more and more. The only time she has confidence is when she is in front of a computer screen.
She changes personalities completely, but unfortunately that doesn't always last long. If there is someone else in the room she becomes antsy unable to concentrate on what she is working on. Usually its about that time that she pushes them out of the door and finally gets her work done.

Scorch: She really is the embodiment of loyalty, the female being a strong fighter. She is able to think before she speaks, something that many people lack these days it seems. Once she decides to be loyal to someone that is a higher up to her, she will give her life for them. Her strength lying mostly in planning head in her battles and executing her moves quickly. But her left side is a great weakness to her, if struck correctly it will cause her to be unable to defend herself for a few moments before she can over power the pain. Her antenna generally loop over her chest and hook together with the small spike like pieces on her tips. That way they are usually out of her way. When she was a general in the irken empire she was a trainer of a lot of the soldiers in the higher divisions. She was one cruel teacher to not afraid to give punishments for misconducts among the members. But she still was softer then some, able to calm those who were upset if given the right reason and priority to. She is a kind woman but a strong one, not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. ANd not the type to accept favors she doesn't feel she had won herself.

Enya and scorch belong to :iconkohan-the-akatsuki:
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September 22, 2012
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