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About Tea

I am a fairly normal deviant, not really much to say there. I enjoy long walks on the beach, drinking tea while watching the sunset. Oh and bald green aliens whom run around space. You know all the normal stuff.

I am truly passionate about my art, and improving an opportunity I can get. I love trying out new things and expanding my artistic abilities whether it be traditional or Digital. I am not the fastest, or most productive artist out there. You have been warned!
However, I am always open to making new friends so don't ever hesitate if you wanna chat to give me a good ol' tap on the shoulder! I don't always reply fast but I'll be sure to get to ya as soon as I can!

"A cup of tea would restore my normality."

[Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Screenplay]”
― Douglas Adams

|A Bit About Me!|

:bulletblack: If you see a cell on named 'teacuppii, Tea, or' that's me.
:bulletblack: I am 20 years old~!
:bulletblack:My birthday is April 23rd
:bulletblack: I am absolutely enthralled with tea. Everything about it, taste, flavor, texture, everything.
:bulletblack: I find aquatic creatures adorable. Squids, Octopus, crabs, sharks, all of those kind of things are just fascinating to me.
:bulletblack: I am a Cali-gurl though currently bouncing around the states.
:bulletblack: I have been drawing since I could pick up a pencil.
:bulletblack: I am a background and small detail fanatic. If you did a background, I WANT to see it!
Also, while I am no where near a master of land scapes, I am also open to helping out if someone needs a hand figuring out their pictures perspective! Cityscapes, forests, deserts, so on so forth. Bring it oooooN!!

|My Set Up|
:bulletblack: Tablet: Intous 4
:bulletblack: Art Program of choice: Paint Tool Sai
:bulletblack: Computer: Windows 7 Desktop
:bulletblack: Traditional Medium of choice: Ink and water color pencils.

:tea: = :heart:

I am an aspiring college student to be, trying to pursue her dreams to land herself in the university she's always aspired for. I have always wanted to be an artist, ever since I was young; however over used hte phrase is it applies here. YOLO I want to chase my dreams rather then live with the regret of never trying. On my deviantart page I will be posting my art as I progress as an young illustrator/sequential artist, and hopefully someday make a living do so.

"♥A woman like a tea bag,you never know how strong she is until you put her in hot water"

―Elle Roosevelt ♥

Current Projects:
Citrus Constalation prize: 15% progress bar - purple by AngelLale87
The Scars comic 15% progress bar - purple by AngelLale87
New OC introductory doodles 15% progress bar - purple by AngelLale87

:star::: COMMISSIONS:::star:
Serenade fox 45% progress bar - purple by AngelLale87
Divazu: 45% progress bar - purple by AngelLale87


Social Media!





I tend to be more active on my tumblr then on deviantArt, so if you want to see me post references, art inspirations, and just sketches; follow me there!

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.”
― Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady

Some amazing done for me by fellow Deviants!

Secret Santa Tikah by DamasathIP-Pageant: December--Static by TheCauA Vort who can't Vort.... by GlitchingCircuitryNormal Everyday Conversations by ghostlysilver#50shadesoftea} Lipton belongs in the harbor by arimonorikaIrkcellent by FreakyVickyGift - Scarfffff by HeavenbatScarfly scarf by 0tt0maton


“If you are cold, tea will warm you;
if you are too heated, it will cool you;
If you are depressed, it will cheer you;
If you are excited, it will calm you.”
― William Ewart Gladstone


Betrayal by Octeapi

Aw look at this sibling bonding, isn't it jus the quaintest, cutest most touching thing you've ever seen. I mean look how close they are, and the raw emotion in their eyes. Such a nice moment of tightening those family bonds am  I right?

Oooorrr Maybe not...

FUN FACT: Sauvakian eyes are not actually black but extremely dilated pupils due to the fact they live in very dark environments. When they are enraged their eyes narrow down to slits blinding them into a 'blood rage' as it reveals their true eyes. 

Ashael and Toulah have their conflicts in the future, as things spiral and the world change so does their relationship. Bonds of blood that seemingly would of survived anything begin to decay, and they end up literally at each others throats with time. Got to love Alma's half siblings don'tcha, just as cute and compassionate as the widdle squish face. Suchsarcasmgoingonhere 

All art, Characters, and species belong to Octeapi

Other art of Meridians: 
Essence of a King by OcteapiForeboding Forest by Octeapi If Someone Stands Between You and What You want by Octeapi Fungus Kings by Octeapi Memory Lane by Octeapi Back Against The Wall by Octeapi 

IZ Adoptable Auction :: CLOSED by Octeapi
IZ Adoptable Auction :: CLOSED
Okay DANG you folks gobbled these buggars up they didn't even make it through the first day! 
Thank you guys for your enthusiasm! I hope you all enjoy your brand spankin new Oc's and treat them well! 

That's right folks it is time for a good ol adoptable battle royal!

I've got five adopts here for ya folks so lets start at the left and move down the line!

Bullet; Black #1) To start off we have a sassy Irken with the flare for practical and unusual clothing. 
Starting bid of: $1 
Auto Buy: $15 

Bullet; Black  #2) Second in line we have the grouch of the group Ms. PlanetJacker, she may be big, but she has the heart of an angel! I think...
Starting Bid of: $1
Auto buy: $15

Bullet; Black #3) Caught in the middle of this we have the sass talking male Silhouette, don't be fooled by his feline demeanor you do not what to pet this kitty!
Starting bid of: $2
Auto Buy: $20

Bullet; Black#4) The softest mannered character of this group we have the lovely violinist, a wonderful addition to any orchestra or musical group!
Starting Bid: $2
Auto Buy: $20

Bullet; Black #5) Last but not least we have the fireball of the adoption. The chaos bringer himself packing a good ton of explosives where ever he goes. He certainly will know how to make any party interesting with his tricks. 
Starting Bid: $1.50
Auto Buy: $16


Bullet; Red All Bidding is being done with real money, all payments will be through Paypal. (Sorry no mailing the money folks)
Bullet; Red If you can't pay please don't bid.
Bullet; Red The highest bid by the end of the time wins the character, unless the character is auto bought before that point. Then it is immediately the autobuyers. 
Bullet; Red Keep track on what is going on folks, I will try to keep the list of bids updated as frequently as possible and notify when someone has been outbid. 
Bullet; Red Bidding ends on August 31st, at noon.  That gives you a little under two days folks. I recommend you make use of it. 
Bullet; Red Once you buy the character you are free to do with them as you please, whether that is alteration of their outfit or other such accessories. 
Bullet; Red Be sure to say which adopt you are bidding on in the comments!

Again, I will be monitoring the comments throughout this auction and updating frequently with as the bids change! 


Bullet; Purple #1: AUTO BOUGHT BY ANON.</span>
Bullet; Purple #2: 
Squidtonic :AUTO BOUGHT
Bullet; Purple #3:
Squidtonic :AUTO BOUGHT
Bullet; Purple #4: serenadefox :AUTO BOUGHT
Bullet; Purple #5: Ma-Junior  :AUTO BOUGHT 
Where I am from by Octeapi
Where I am from
Well I have lived once more up to my reputation of 'slow commissioned artist', this is a verrrry late commission for the deviant Kovyx I hope that I did this right considering the specifics of the commission, but if there are any changes that need made I'll be happy to do them.
I hope that you like the result Kovyx, I know that it took some time but I can guarantee you this is much better than it would of been. 

Overall I sorta played with the concept of the forest being 'holographic', like a visual showing of what the antenna'd buggars home world to their little friend. 

Anywhoos, hope this was worth the wait!
all art belongs to Octeapi
characters belong to Kovyx except to the little buggar whom belongs to their friend. Not sure if they switched accounts the old DA i had is deactivated <:\ 

More of Kovyx's buggars: 
Kovie Ref by KovyxAnevoda Hunter by KovyxSessor by KovyxVengeful Vyx by Kovyxdark elf by Kovyx
1k Watchers Stream Request by Octeapi
1k Watchers Stream Request
These bunch of cuties are the requests I got done from the 1000 watcher landmark request stream! I wanted to get at least ten done but it got pretty late by the time I reached eight, but I almost got half of the attendees of my stream's requests done! To all the folks that didn't get one of these don't fret, I'll be doing another one of these streams at my next milestone. Whether that is 1200 watchers or 1500 watchers I have yet to decide so we will just have to see! 

Starting from the top row going left we have: Incyray samwolf3974  CuddlesAndHuggles AlienAlfredo doug7070 OvershadowedInc TheInnerVice 

all art belongs to Octeapi
Characters belong to their rightful owners. 

Thank you all so much for your support throughout this last year folks, it means a ton to me and I'm looking forward to being able to do more with y'all in the future!
Essence of a King by Octeapi
Essence of a King
I have touched lightly on the subject of 'essence' and what it means for the residents of Almaca's planet in the past. When it comes down to it essence is not a 'visible' substance or mist, its more of a 6th sense that only the races of Ephomeris possess. One can feel it, and one can even almost touch it with their own essence. However it is impossible to touch essence, one can reach for it but it would be the same as trying to catch a ghost. It would just go through their hand. Most commonly the aura cannot effect the physical world except in rare instances where the essence itself is extremely strong. In those highly uncommon scenarios some essences are able to smother other essences near it or seemingly cause a gust of wind.  Essence itself can be made to attack another's soul, however doing so is extremely difficult to master and a feared power to possess. For when you attack someones essence, you are attacking their soul, the very essence of their being in its rawest form. 

You can tell a great deal about someone from their essence, you can determine a vague idea of how their personality is.  You can even grasp a reflection of how they are feeling at the time by how it bends and twists depending on their state of mind.
You can relate an beings essence to a area, environment, or creature depending on the attributes they display. Someone whom is described to be like a mountain can be unbending, and strong. A mighty being, whom holds themselves higher than most, but holds a sort of almost core depending on the individual. Another example would be someone with the essence of a pool of water, tranquil, soft, and kind. The surface quiet and still until disturbed sending ripples to all the edges of their being.

A more specific example being a direct relation to this image with Almaca. His essence is very similar to that of one of the mightier creatures of their world; the dragonfly.
(However my partner in crime Joydroid and I have yet to make a proper name for the creature and just refer to it as a 'dragonfly.' Whether that shall remain its title now or change in the future is yet to be determined)
Alma's soul/essence is strong, but blows easily with whims like the wind, carried where the currents take him, however he is able and wiling to fight against any storm that he may face to protect what he cares for. 
I have explained a few times in the past how Almaca's people believe that their markings can foretell the future and destinies of their kind. The dragonfly is refereed to as a 'regal' creature, those whom are selected to take the position of King for his race are requiring to have marks similar to the said beast due to this great respect they hold for the main predator of their planet. The species itself becoming rarer by the year. 

Art and Almaca belong to Octeapi
All ideas and concepts written here belong to Joydroid and Octeapi 

Other Images of Almaca/Meridians:
Fungus Kings by Octeapi Memory Lane by Octeapi Cave of Crystals by Octeapi Alma's Eyes by Octeapi Almaca Age Meme by Octeapi Back Against The Wall by Octeapi 


“As far as her mom was concerned, tea fixed everything. Have a cold? Have some tea. Broken bones? There's a tea for that too. Somewhere in her mother's pantry, Laurel suspected, was a box of tea that said, 'In case of Armageddon, steep three to five minutes'.”
― Aprilynne Pike, Illusions


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Sep 3, 2015
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Sep 3, 2015
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