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About Tea

I am a fairly normal deviant, not really much to say there. I enjoy long walks on the beach, drinking tea while watching the sunset. Oh and bald green aliens whom run around space. You know all the normal stuff.

I am truly passionate about my art, and improving an opportunity I can get. I love trying out new things and expanding my artistic abilities whether it be traditional or Digital. I am not the fastest, or most productive artist out there. You have been warned!
However, I am always open to making new friends so don't ever hesitate if you wanna chat to give me a good ol' tap on the shoulder! I don't always reply fast but I'll be sure to get to ya as soon as I can!

“A cup of tea would restore my normality."

[Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Screenplay]”
― Douglas Adams

|A Bit About Me!|

:bulletblack: I am 19 years old~!
(20 in a few months dear lord..)
:bulletblack:My birthday is April 23rd
:bulletblack: I am absolutely enthralled with tea. Everything about it, taste, flavor, texture, everything.
:bulletblack: I find aquatic creatures adorable. Squids, Octopus, crabs, sharks, all of those kind of things are just fascinating to me.
:bulletblack: I am a Cali-gurl though currently bouncing around the states.
:bulletblack: I have been drawing since I could pick up a pencil.
:bulletblack: I am a background and small detail fanatic. If you did a background, I WANT to see it!
Also, while I am no where near a master of land scapes, I am also open to helping out if someone needs a hand figuring out their pictures perspective! Cityscapes, forests, deserts, so on so forth. Bring it oooooN!!

|My Set Up|
:bulletblack: Tablet: Intous 4
:bulletblack: Art Program of choice: Paint Tool Sai
:bulletblack: Computer: Windows 7 Desktop
:bulletblack: Traditional Medium of choice: Ink and water color pencils.

:tea: = :heart:

I am an aspiring college student to be, trying to pursue her dreams to land herself in the university she's always aspired for. I have always wanted to be an artist, ever since I was young; however over used hte phrase is it applies here. YOLO I want to chase my dreams rather then live with the regret of never trying. On my deviantart page I will be posting my art as I progress as an young illustrator/sequential artist, and hopefully someday make a living do so.

"♥A woman like a tea bag,you never know how strong she is until you put her in hot water"

―Elle Roosevelt ♥

Current Projects:
Citrus Constalation prize: 15% progress bar - purple by AngelLale87
The Scars comic 15% progress bar - purple by AngelLale87
New OC introductory doodles 15% progress bar - purple by AngelLale87
Heavenbat Kiriban 0% progress bar - purple by AngelLale87

:star::: COMMISSIONS:::star:
Koyvx 75% progress bar - purple by AngelLale87
Serenade fox 45% progress bar - purple by AngelLale87
Divazu: 45% progress bar - purple by AngelLale87


Social Media!





I tend to be more active on my tumblr then on deviantArt, so if you want to see me post references, art inspirations, and just sketches; follow me there!

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.”
― Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady

Some amazing done for me by fellow Deviants!

Secret Santa Tikah by DamasathIP-Pageant: December--Static by TheCauA Vort who can't Vort.... by GlitchingCircuitryNormal Everyday Conversations by ghostlysilver#50shadesoftea} Lipton belongs in the harbor by arimonorikaIrkcellent by FreakyVickyGift - Scarfffff by HeavenbatScarfly scarf by 0tt0maton


“If you are cold, tea will warm you;
if you are too heated, it will cool you;
If you are depressed, it will cheer you;
If you are excited, it will calm you.”
― William Ewart Gladstone


May 27, 2015
9:46 am
May 27, 2015
9:37 am
May 27, 2015
6:26 am
May 27, 2015
3:47 am
May 27, 2015
2:50 am


Caught Ya.. by Octeapi
Caught Ya..
A art trade between TheCau and I, finally able to do some art after all the moves I've done lately. 

Guess who decided to try a a new style. :D
Something that always bothered me about deviantArt is the preconceived idea that artists are one trick ponies. While they may not post in a particular style, perhaps because of interest, it is assumed they are unable to do so. While in reality artists are quite capable of doing more than one kind of art style, it all merely depends on the skill set the artist has on their belt. Sometimes an artist needs a small push to attempt something different from their usual, a challenge. However that does not always occur when there is no opportunity to do so given. 

In my personal experience being underestimated as an artist can leave quite a bit of room for repetition, leading to a lack of advancement and improvement. While having the challenges presented to you is a good way to push one's skill level. I also am a firm believer that strong drive has to play a key part in order to advance further by any means, as an creator.

But anyways, pointless rant concluded. Enjoy my semi Invader Zim lookin picture~. 

Big baddie Oc up above belongs to TheCau
Art belongs to Octeapi 
SE-Pageant Entry: Casual by Octeapi
SE-Pageant Entry: Casual
But Yeee By Joydroid-d8evzvm by Octeapi  "I got Mette's entry for May here!
She doesn't know I snapped this photo, she's gonna be so mad" 
But Tear Wipe By Joydroid-d8ez2xl by Octeapi  "The theme is 'CASUAL' after all! Knowing Mette she was gonna do some extravagant modeled pose. That doesn't seem too 'casual' to me, so I took it upon myself to capture Mette in--"
But Lol Omg By Joydroid-d8epaq4 by Octeapi  "Pfffff...her-N- Natural habitat HAHA!"
Mette Faces Really by Octeapi  "I heard giggling, how dare something be happening without me! What's so fu----"
Mette Faces Voq by Octeapi "OH MY GOD VOQ!!!!" 
But Srsizzles By Joydroid-d8epavp by Octeapi  "Gotta run!"


And thus another round of SE is passed, and another image is completed. This round was more of a casual theme, literally. Mette doesn't do casual too much, usually she's a pretty active girl. Dressed up in one way or another consistently, its hard to find her during a time she isn't fancied up. Even if the theme was, simple, she'd definitely do some kinda dressing up for it. Voq seemingly took it upon himself to deal with that problem himself.
Hopefully this doesn't start a trend of some kind with the twins, pranking one another with their entries. That'd certainly be something interesting to say the least. 

Let's also hope Voq can run quickly to escape that furiously embarrassed sister. Having a picture of herself in her undies wasn't exactly part of her plan. 
A thing about Mette is she has literally no chest. She has as much chest as the average dude does that isn't over weight. With how her body is build, she never really grew anything but muscle. So being caught shirtless isn't necessarily the end of the world.

This was a fun theme for May, even if it wasn't precisely what I expected.
Let's see what happens in the future with this contest shall we? 

Also, to those with a keen eye. That massive scar she has on her side there, is in fact where her brother and her were conjoined at birth. It actually progresses farther down even. The two shared a hip at birth, lets just say that they both got a hip replacement surgery rather early in life. 

Mette and art belongs to Octeapi
Voq icons and the character himself belongs to Joydroid

100 Truths (Tagged)

Journal Entry: Sat May 23, 2015, 11:02 AM
Master of All Things Tea

Comment Skin

001. Real Name: Alex, I used to hate that name honestly, but I have come to warm up to it with age.
002. Nickname(s): Tea online, Alex is actually a nickname in itself, full name being Alexandra. Though literally no one calls me by my full name. Lol
003. Zodiac Sign: Taurus, mess with the bull you get a horn~!
004. Male or Female: Femaleeee
005. Nursery: I don't get this one, nor do I remember what nursery I went to. Spent most of my time at home as a kid. 
006. Primary School: Bounced around a lot as a kid, finally settled in a small coastal town in Cali. Not gonna disclose the name though. 
007. Secondary School: (aka high school pretty much) Insert what Jas put here: NOT COMFORTABLE WITH GIVING OFF THE NAME
008. Hair Colour: I have a naturally redish tint to my hair, but not enough for my taste. I've been dying it red for the last five years or so. I've loved every minute of it too. 
009. Long or Short: Used to be less than an inch long, now its at least to my shoulder blades and growing fast!
010. Loud or Quiet: Pretty loud, I have an extremely loud laugh especially. When I laugh you hear it across the room, startles my poor niece every time she's napping too. BD;; 
011. Sweats or Jeans: NO PANTS WOOT. Honestly walking around my house nothing is more comfortable than a tanktop and undies. Going out though; Jeans. 
012. Phone or Camera: Phone, because everyone lives off of their technology today. Plus it lets me check my messages lol.
013. Health Freak:  GO GREEN, EAT ORGANIC, *PREACHES*. I was raised in a very health conscious town, a hippie village in many ways. Being healthy, and knowing what I am putting in my body is a big thing for me. 
014. Drink or Smoke: Social Drinker, I don't do it much really but I can enjoy a glass of something here and there. Smoking however? NEVER I've seen how that stuff poisons your body, I will never put myself through that or the people I love. 
015. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: Nope, nope, nope. 
016. Political orientation: Deeemmoocrate? Honestly I never truly labeled myself in regard to my political view points, I think its constricting. At times I agree to one side, at times I agree with another. Both can be idiots at times. 
017. Piercings: Two in both ears! I wanted to get third ones on each ear, and have tried twice, but keep getting infections. 
018. Tattoos: None at this time, but I've got plenty of scars. I am planning on getting one soon, just need to plan it out and be sure in my decisions before I put ink on my skin. 

019. Airplane: Oh dozens of times, gotta love being dangled thousands of feet above the ground and stuffed tight like cattle in a mechanized vehicle. 
020. Car Accident: One when I was a kid, it was miserable. Atlanta, pouring rain, like buckets step out might as well give up on staying dry. Mum hydroplaned, crashed at the side scooped my sister and I out of the backseat. No one was hurt, thank god. But she loves to tell the story of me standing there with my sister, looking around and then in a very baby talk way stating: "I dun wike diz very much.." 
021. Fist Fight: Almost once, almost... The buggar deserved it I assure you, but got held back by my friends. I used to have some major anger problems as a youngin, something I've coped and dealt with as I have gotten older. While I have never been in an full out 'fist fight' with someone I sure have wanted to smack plenty upside the head. 

022. First piercing: Earrings. 
023. First Best Friend: There was this girl I used to run around on the playground with, we'd go swinging together each day in preschool. Wish I could remember her name. 
024. First Instrument played: Guitar. 
025. First award: First award, Jeez that's a hard one, I think it was when I was given 'teachers helper' award in Kindergarden. Though looking back at it now, I think they gave that to me to keep me from running away from the school like I had. Lol. 
026. First Crush: Hmnn, First crush, honestly I had zero interest in anyone for a majority of my childhood. I guess my first full blown one was this boy I used to know, he was my best friend actually. Friggen goofball never even noticed. 
027. First Language: English
028. First Big Vacation: Took a trip to Santa Cruz with my mum and sister, we went to the board walks, and explored the beaches. It was an absolutely amazing vacation for me, I revisited it again when I left my hometown in Cali headed for MA. Didn't have that same magic.


029. Last Person you talked to: My mum, bidding her good luck and goodbye while she went to work. 
030 Last Person You texted:  Hamchop
031. Last Person You Watched: I am assuming you mean as in videos, last person I watched wassss, Markiplier uvu. Spore videos hell ya. 
032. Last Food You Ate: French toast with strawberry sauce. 
032. Last Movie You Watched: Insidious 2 
034. Last Song You listened to: Toxic Love, Female cover from Ferngully
035. Last Thing You Bought: Plane tickets to get back home, and luggage fees. 
036. Last Person You Hugged: Me Madre~


037. Food: Raw tomatoes, sourdough bread, mozzarella, basil, balsamic vinaigrette. YUM. 
039. Clothing: Tanktops~
040. Book: Game of Thrones books, Hunger games, or Harry Potter. 
041. Colour: Teal, Red, yellows, Olive. 
042. Flower: Poppys
043: Music: I have varied tastes in music, it tends to jump around from one spot to another depending on the Day. 
044. Movie: Hmmn, Avengers, the first one. Most definitely. 
46. Subjects: ART, but I also enjoy history. 

047. [] Kissed in the rain 
048. [x] Celebrated Halloween.
049. [] Had Your Heart Broken
050. [] Went Over the Minutes on Your Cell Phone
051. [] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation 
052. [] Weapons 
053. [x] Breath fire (I ate some EXTREMELY SPICEY food So yes that counts. haven't you watched any cartoons?)
054. [] Had an Abortion.
055. [X] Done something you've Regretted 
056. [X] Broke a Promise (..)
057. [x] Kept a Secret (urhgmm I hate keeping those)
058. [x] Pretended To Be Happy 
059. [x] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life 
060. [X] Pretended To Be Sick 
061. [] Left The Country.  (NOT YET BUT I WILL I PROMISE YOU THAT)
062. [X] Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it.
063. [X ] Cried Over The Silliest Thing. 
064. [X] Ran a Mile 
065. [] Went To the Beach 
066. [] Stayed Single (Didn't last long sadly unu) 


067. Eating: COOKIES
068. Drinking: Tea, duh. 
069. Getting Ready To: Type more magic.
070. Listening To: FNAF songs. 
071. Plans For Tomorrow/Today: Try and get School stuff down if the IRS website wasn't updating. 
072. Waiting For: Everything to fall into place. 


073. Want Kids: Not really. 
074. Want To Get Married: Def not for a long time. 
075. Careers in mind: Professional artist, to work for one of the big name companies, like Disney or Pixar. Or to be a professional sequential artist and create comics about the characters my friends and I have made. 


076. Lips or Eyes: Both are equally important, however eyes are the gateway to the soul.
077. Shorter or Taller: Taller preferably, but no ta deal breaker. 
078. Romantic or Spontaneous: BOTH
079. Nice Stomach or Nice Arms: If I care about the person, and they are healthy, muscle mass doesn't matter much. 
080. Sensitive or Loud: Both. 
081. Hook-up Or Relationship: Relationship.
082. Troublemaker or Hesitant: Troublemaker~


083. Lost Glasses/Contacts: Every-fucking-day. I feel like I'm in a ScoobyDoo episode. "MY GLASSES, MY GLASSES I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING WITHOUT MY GLASSES" 
084. Ran Away From Home: Once when I was like 8, I didn't make it far. 
085. Held A Weapon, For Self Defense: Sadly, yes.
086. Killed Somebody: SHHHHHHHH
087. Broken Someone's Heart: .....Yea, recently. 
088. Been Arrested: Not yet BD 


090. Yourself: Hell yes, there is nothing you can't do if you believe in yourself and work hard. 
091. Miracles: Sorta?
092. Love at First Sight: Only in cheesy romance novels. 
093. Heaven: I hope there is such a thing, but personally I am nonreligious. 
094. Santa Claus: Nope~
096. Magic: IF I BELIEVE I MAY IF I BELIEVE I MIGHT LET THIS COME TO I WISH there was such a thing. I suppose there is the magic of the moment however. 


097. Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now: I suppose my friends, I would love some company today. 
098. Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life: I'm getting there. :d
099. Are You Happy With The Person You're With: I am with me, myself, and I. So yes~
100. Post as 100 Truths and Tag five People:


Drink Tea <3
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Teastream ONLINE

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 8, 2013, 10:52 PM
Master of All Things Tea

Comment Skin



There have been a few changes to my plans these last few weeks, but I decided to take a bit of time for a livestream with you peeps!
I've got a few things to work on, so feel free to stop by!

So then, ON WITH THE STREAM! Markiplier's Epic Dance! 50x50 Gif 

Don't post links without permission
Do not argue with me over requests. 
Only one request per person.
I don't really make a list for these.
If you had a request last stream you can't have one this time, lets let other peeps get one too. 
Keep the conversations pg-13 unless the age range of the chat permits it to be different.
Try not to curse, aka watch your language
Just because the rules are here doesn't immediately mean I will be taking requests!
Do not use the stream as your own personal pep session for a friend, or as an therapy circle.
Also, do not continuously try and get feed back on your own characters during the stream. 
Don't mention coffee.
Or lipton.

Difference between a 'Suggestion and a 'request::
A suggestion is like giving the artist an idea to draw, such as: "Draw Enya in a horror movie setting!" or "Archer and Rec arguing" Instances that they can draw out. You can get goofy and have fun with it of course! 

A request is "Can you draw my oc?" "i want a picture of *insert oc here*" *throws link of their OC out* ":I I SUGGEST THIS"

Drink Tea <3


“As far as her mom was concerned, tea fixed everything. Have a cold? Have some tea. Broken bones? There's a tea for that too. Somewhere in her mother's pantry, Laurel suspected, was a box of tea that said, 'In case of Armageddon, steep three to five minutes'.”
― Aprilynne Pike, Illusions


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Thanks for the llama... keep up this amazing work ;)
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Thanks for the llama! Your Art is amazing! <3
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Thank you for the :+fav: on Holo Archer earlier this month. May the peace of the meadow be with you! :D

Also happy one more spin around the Earth last week!
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Happy birthday Tea! It's been so lovely to get to know you this yar, I hope you have a fantastic day <3
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Merry Bornmas!!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEA! Congratulations you are now on year older *cheering*. Hope you had a fabulous day(or maybe your still having a fab day i don't know what time zone you live in)!   
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Sebastian Michaelis (Serving Tea) 
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Have a happy birthday! I hope u have the best cup of tea EVER!
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