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About Tea

I am a fairly normal deviant, not really much to say there. I enjoy long walks on the beach, drinking tea while watching the sunset. Oh and bald green aliens whom run around space. You know all the normal stuff.

I am truly passionate about my art, and improving an opportunity I can get. I love trying out new things and expanding my artistic abilities whether it be traditional or Digital. I am not the fastest, or most productive artist out there. You have been warned!
However, I am always open to making new friends so don't ever hesitate if you wanna chat to give me a good ol' tap on the shoulder! I don't always reply fast but I'll be sure to get to ya as soon as I can!

“A cup of tea would restore my normality."

[Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Screenplay]”
― Douglas Adams

|A Bit About Me!|

:bulletblack: I am 19 years old~!
(20 in a few months dear lord..)
:bulletblack:My birthday is April 23rd
:bulletblack: I am absolutely enthralled with tea. Everything about it, taste, flavor, texture, everything.
:bulletblack: I find aquatic creatures adorable. Squids, Octopus, crabs, sharks, all of those kind of things are just fascinating to me.
:bulletblack: I am a Cali-gurl though currently bouncing around the states.
:bulletblack: I have been drawing since I could pick up a pencil.
:bulletblack: I am a background and small detail fanatic. If you did a background, I WANT to see it!
Also, while I am no where near a master of land scapes, I am also open to helping out if someone needs a hand figuring out their pictures perspective! Cityscapes, forests, deserts, so on so forth. Bring it oooooN!!

|My Set Up|
:bulletblack: Tablet: Intous 4
:bulletblack: Art Program of choice: Paint Tool Sai
:bulletblack: Computer: Windows 7 Desktop
:bulletblack: Traditional Medium of choice: Ink and water color pencils.

:tea: = :heart:

I am an aspiring college student to be, trying to pursue her dreams to land herself in the university she's always aspired for. I have always wanted to be an artist, ever since I was young; however over used hte phrase is it applies here. YOLO I want to chase my dreams rather then live with the regret of never trying. On my deviantart page I will be posting my art as I progress as an young illustrator/sequential artist, and hopefully someday make a living do so.

"♥A woman like a tea bag,you never know how strong she is until you put her in hot water"

―Elle Roosevelt ♥

Current Projects:
Citrus Constalation prize: 15% progress bar - purple by AngelLale87
The Scars comic 15% progress bar - purple by AngelLale87
New OC introductory doodles 15% progress bar - purple by AngelLale87
Heavenbat Kiriban 0% progress bar - purple by AngelLale87

:star::: COMMISSIONS:::star:
Koyvx 75% progress bar - purple by AngelLale87
Serenade fox 45% progress bar - purple by AngelLale87
Divazu: 45% progress bar - purple by AngelLale87


Social Media!





I tend to be more active on my tumblr then on deviantArt, so if you want to see me post references, art inspirations, and just sketches; follow me there!

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.”
― Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady

Some amazing done for me by fellow Deviants!

Secret Santa Tikah by DamasathIP-Pageant: December--Static by TheCauA Vort who can't Vort.... by GlitchingCircuitryNormal Everyday Conversations by ghostlysilver#50shadesoftea} Lipton belongs in the harbor by arimonorikaIrkcellent by FreakyVickyGift - Scarfffff by HeavenbatScarfly scarf by 0tt0maton


“If you are cold, tea will warm you;
if you are too heated, it will cool you;
If you are depressed, it will cheer you;
If you are excited, it will calm you.”
― William Ewart Gladstone


Apr 19, 2015
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Apr 19, 2015
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Apr 19, 2015
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Apr 19, 2015
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Apr 18, 2015
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Teastream ONLINE

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 8, 2013, 10:52 PM
Master of All Things Tea

Comment Skin

 Teastream Online by Octeapi


This actually might be my last stream for some time before I go off to college. I am hoping to do maybe one more next week or so, but no promises guys. 
So what is in store for this stream?
 Doodles, and requests!
You heard me right folks, this is a time where I draw miscellaneous nonsense and some stuff for you!
Want something drawn? Here and now is the time!
Whether that be a person, a background, or a concept gimmie a crack at it.
A few rules upfront though.
I will not be making a list, and I have the right to deny any request. 
The way I am going to be choosing requests is going to be simply which ones seem the most interesting. When I am ready to take a new one I will ask for your ideas, and select one. Anyone's game really!

Now then, ON WITH THE STREAM! Laser Rage 

Don't post links without permission
Do not argue with me over requests. 
Only one request per person.
I don't really make a list for these.
If you had a request last stream you can't have one this time, lets let other peeps get one too. 
Keep the conversations pg-13 unless the age range of the chat permits it to be different.
Try not to curse, aka watch your language
Just because the rules are here doesn't immediately mean I will be taking requests!
Do not use the stream as your own personal pep session for a friend, or as an therapy circle.
Also, do not continuously try and get feed back on your own characters during the stream. 
Don't mention coffee.
Or lipton.

Difference between a 'Suggestion and a 'request::
A suggestion is like giving the artist an idea to draw, such as: "Draw Enya in a horror movie setting!" or "Archer and Rec arguing" Instances that they can draw out. You can get goofy and have fun with it of course! 

A request is "Can you draw my oc?" "i want a picture of *insert oc here*" *throws link of their OC out* ":I I SUGGEST THIS"

Drink Tea <3
Doodle/Request Stream ONLINE by Octeapi
Doodle/Request Stream ONLINE
Decided to throw together one of these fun pictures, another way to let peeps know when I'm streaming! I got one for the offline as well that I'll switch out when I end my stream tonight!  


This actually might be my last stream for some time before I go off to college. I am hoping to do maybe one more next week or so, but no promises guys. 
So what is in store for this stream?
Doodles, and requests! 
You heard me right folks, this is a time where I draw miscellaneous nonsense and some stuff for you!
Want something drawn? Here and now is the time guys!
Whether that be a person, a background, or a concept gimmie a crack at it.
A few rules upfront though.
I will not be making a list, and I have the right to deny any request. 
The way I am going to be choosing requests is going to be simply which ones seem the most interesting. When I am ready to take a new one I will ask for your ideas, and select one. Anyone's game really!

So then, ON WITH THE STREAM! Laser Rage…

The Scars of Aclahym: Page 4 by Octeapi
The Scars of Aclahym: Page 4
WELL THEN, I think Alma has been doing something pretty stupid for all the good reasons. 
Isiah certainly seems a bit exasperated with Almaca's behavior, at least can't say Alma isn't doesn't have a heart. Though I do wonder exactly what it is that is so bad about him going to gather herbs for the ill, most would see that as a good thing. Wouldn't they?
Welp, we can only hope that he doesn't persist in his idiotic trials of life risking errand running. Or maybe for the sake of the plot we should let him keep up with this irresponsible behavior, certainly seems like the more amusing path to take!


In case you guys haven't picked up on this yet, I'm updating this comic ever Wednesday. However I can't guarantee any updates in the next few weeks while I am moving. Especially because I will be packing up my computer towards the end of the month and shipping it down to Denver. Completely and utterly petrified by that btwIdon'ttrustpostmenwithmybabyI mean have you seen the videos of how they literally throw packages... ;A;

Alma, Isiah, and art belong to Octeapi

The Scars of Aclahym: Page 3 by Octeapi
The Scars of Aclahym: Page 3 by Octeapi
The Scars of Aclahym: Page 3

 And the tale continues!  

Almaca sweet what ever did you do? 

One of my 'favorite' tricks that parents pull is that loop around way of bringing things up. Tell you what you did before accusing you of doing it, they love do this especially if they already know you're responsible. Its like their own verbal torture/punishment as you sit there wriggling with no escape. 

I do wonder however, what has Alma done to get in trouble? I mean bringing stuff to healers is a good thing...right?

PHEW THOUGH, I really am loving doing these pages, even if those backgrounds are a bit time consuming! For once I'm actually doing lineless backgrounds for the farther away objects in the images, makes it easier but a wee bit more time consuming!

Also, Happy April Fools everyone! I almost posted a gag page of this, but just don't have the time at the moment sadly. 

I hope you all have a lovely wacky day however, try not to get pranked too much! 

Almaca, Art, and Isiah belong to Octeapi

Previous page:
 The Scars of Aclahym: Page 1 and 2 by Octeapi
Next page:
 The Scars of Aclahym: Page 4 by Octeapi 

Other art of Alma: 
Meridian Cutiepatooties by OcteapiRUN BOY RUN by Octeapi  Submerged by Octeapi One Man's Trash by Octeapi  

Life update: April Fools/Holidays Journal!

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 31, 2015, 9:39 AM
Master of All Things Tea

Comment Skin

    The last few months have had their ups and downs for me. As I have mentioned in my previous journals I have been struggling financially to secure my position at the university of my dreams: Scad. While I still aspire to attend that university, it appears my first year of college life may have to begin elsewhere.

    Between work, art, and life I have been applying in a frenzy to several universities and selected one in Colorado to attend in the near future. So if all goes well I will be moving across country, again, and starting my first semester there! Which, may occur as early as May 5th.
    Kinda a lot of time, and very little time to plan things out for that.

    It certainly seems that every time I set out a plan it comes crashing down in a frenzy of fireworks and mayhem doesn’t it!

    Do not get me wrong guys, while undeniably I’m disappointed about SCAD, I have made the decision that “It’s not where I go, it’s what I make of it” Which is the truth of the matter! I could invest all my money in some grand, highly advertised, big shot college and still fail! Or I can go to a remote little university and flourish. It’s what I make of it that matters.

     However on a side note about Scad, as a volleyball player I found it hilarious they had a Quiddich team but no volleyball team. Go figure

    So, to sum that up. Instead of Georgia it looks like I’m moving to Denver! I hope, think, and plan to,  but we’ll see how it all works out!

    Now then, with the start of April brings many things. Mostly rain, but a few other events too!

    April is not only the month of Easter bunnies, candied eggs, and food dyed confections it also is the, but not limited to:

  •      National Humor Month    
  •      International Guitar Month    
  •      Keep America Beautiful Month    
  •      Lawn and Garden Month    
  •      National Poetry Month    
  •      National Pecan Month    
  •      National Welding Month    
  •      Records and Information Management Month    
  •      Stress Awareness Month    
  •      Sexual Assault Awareness Month

A lot more going on than just Easter bunnies I’d say! There are also specific dates that I’d like to bring to all of your attentions, that is holidays often overshadowed by the massive chocolate rabbits of Easter.


    The most popular, most advertised, and most well known aside from Easter, day of this month! The day of laughs, gags, and pranks, let your inner Loki’s out and unleash your chaos upon the world on this day!

April 3rd: Don’t Go to Work Unless it’s FUN Day

    IF this day falls on a Saturday or Sunday it may be easy for some of us to go ahead with this holiday. However in 2015 it does land on a Friday! Whether this is a legitimate excuse to get out of going to work, is going to be up to you to decide. But at least it’d be nice to think that perhaps you could get a day off if you phrased it right with your boss/manager!

April 3rd:  National Peanut Butter and Jelly dayPeanut Butter jelly time 

    I really hope I don’t need to explain my use of that gif.
 Take a minute of your day, consume a PB and J sandwich and just savor its flavor, this is the day for the sandwich that children practically survive on in their early childhoods…. And College…
  Though, don’t celebrate this one if you have an allergy to the said nut.

April 4th: Walk Around Things Day

    Walk around things, endlessly, that’s it. This is the day of avoiding problems, and risk, to contrast the ‘take a risk day’ on the 23rd. This the official date of procrastination, and avoiding an issue for a solid 24 hours. Keep on dodging those problems guys!

April 4th: Tell a Lie Day!

    The day for deception, not certain whom would go and make a holiday for this kind of thing but here it is! Whether it be a small lie, or a big one, just try not to hurt others on this particularly sneaky holiday!

April 6th: Dyngus Day

    Honestly I don’t really mind the holiday itself, I just love that word! DYNGUS
    Any whoosawhatsit, Dyngus day is a polish holiday, and pretty popular in Poland! And uh, I’m going to just post a clip of what this holiday is from the website, because I am legitimately not certain how to phrase it.

    “There are all sort of ways for boys to meet girls. But, this one takes the cake.  

Guys, on this day you get to wet the ladies down. Sprinkling or drenching with water is your goal. Chase after the ladies with squirt guns, buckets, or other containers of water. The more bold and gallant boys, may choose to use cologne. Hitting (gently, please) the ladies on the legs with switches or pussy willows is also common.

Yes ladies, you can strike back. Ladies , you get your revenge on Tuesday, when tradition has it that you throw dishes or crockery back at the boys. It has become increasingly popular for the ladies to get their revenge on Monday, tossing water back at the boys.

Note: Dyngus Day is also called Wet Easter Monday. Hmmmmm, I wonder why!?”

...Yeup.. Dyngus day

April 7th: No Housework day!

    This is my personal favorite day of the month. Basically is a get out of chores free card, got someone telling you to do something? Whip out the fact of what holiday it is and slap them upside the face with it. Not literally of course, I do not condone violence of any nature

April 8th: Draw a Picture of a Bird Day

    Draw birds. Just do it, the holiday proclaims it as a necessity for this month. In actuality this holiday is a meant for those bird lovers that love to draw. Young or old, April 8th is a chance to express your appreciation, and affection for our feather clad friends.
 Just tell them to get off my roof in the morning and to stop singing like a bloody alarm clock at 4am.

April 9th: Name Yourself Day!

    Give yourself a chance to name yourself, at least for a day! If you’d like to be called Ralph or Zakariah, here is the day to do so! Doesn’t even have to be limited to your first name, go ahead and change all of them. First, middle, and last!

April 15th: Rubber Eraser Day!

    This is an odd ball one for certain! This day is made to celebrate the day rubber erasers were born, so in a way its like celebrating its….Invention day.  Appreciate that little nub of rubber that has always been there for you, to help cover up, or clean up your mistakes. And always is reliable.
Unless its that eraser on the end of those cheap-ass pencils that just smear the graphite, those erasers can go with the booby prize of ‘at least you tried’ and gtfo.

April 16th: National Stress Awareness Day

    Stress is something that everyone deals with, some people more than others due to so many factors I could never list them all. Mainly because they’re all different, because everyone is in fact, different. On April 16th however, take the time, and RELAX!! This is your opportunity to take note of what is stressing you out, and find ways to relieve it.
    This is the national stress awareness day, primarily because its the day after taxes are due. How nice…

April 17th: Bat Appreciation Day!    

    A holiday committed completely and utterly to the masked vigilante with a tiny mammal fetish Bat ma- Oh dear god don’t hit me    

    In reality though this day is committed to bats! They’re wonderful creatures and need a bit more respect than they receive, due to their creepy appearance and cliche description of being creatures of the night they get a bad reputation. Contrary to belief these flying babies really won’t bother you, if you don’t bother them first. So while yes, appreciate the bats on this day, just don’t go sticking your head into any caves. 

April 17th: BLAH, BLAH, BLAH Day!</span>

    The blah-est day of the year, the intent of this day is to get people off your back! Remember your mother nagging you last week to do your laundry, or your dad nagging you to do more around the house. Take some time to do some of the things they asked you to do, and conquer the nagging gremlins once and for all!

April 20th: Volunteer Recognition Day!</span>

    This day is dedicated to honoring legions of volunteers that take their time, and commit it to the act of giving. They are improving our lives, and the lives of others by doing so. On April 20th take a bit of time to just say, thank you, perhaps if someone has really influenced your life give something back. Whether it be a big, “THANK YOU”, or some other means of expressing your appreciation for what they do. 

April 22nd: National Jelly Bean Day!</span>

    You know all those jelly beans that you have laying around, easter has already passed and you just have all this candy you got nothing to do with. Eat it, eat it like its halloween night. This is the day for stomach aches and bean fueled sugar rushes. 

April 23rd: Take a Chance Day! and my birthday!
     I like to refer to this one as YOLO DAY, because it fits so well. If you have always been contemplating a risky action, something that sticks in the back of your mind but you have never had the chance to accomplish. Well this is the day to act upon those reckless impulses!
    Life is full of intimidating things, sometimes you have to take a risk to get anywhere that you want to be. Its scary! But use this day to push off into the future and take those risks, perhaps they will pay off in the end!

 April 24th: Pig in a Blanket day!</span>

    Eat sausages wrapped in pancakes. That's basically it. 
    Somebody went and actually made this a holiday, to celebrate this culinary delight. Isn’t it.. great?  Enjoy your pigs in a blanket and the innuendo jokes that follow for this fun filled holiday. 

April 26th: Hug an Australian Day! </span>

     Hear that magical Australian accent while going about your business? Track down that voice wizard and give them a hug on this day! Its the perfect time to express your affection for any and all australians! SO go ahead, give them a great big bear hug! 

 April 29th: National Shrimp Scampi day! </span></b>

  Love sea food? Love Shrimp? Like butter and garlic in a skillet with said shrimp? Well this is the holiday for you! Break your budget and your loved ones hearts as you hog the seafood platter like a ravenous dog! </b></b>

 April 30th: Hairstyle Appreciation day! </span>
    Take the time on this day to enjoy the uniqueness and quirkiness of peoples hair style! Whether it be colored, shaved, or no hair at all. Commit a singular day to its worship, whether it be yours or others! Though don’t go around touching peoples heads please..

    These are not even half of what I found for this month, there is practically a holiday for every day of the year! that would be a very long list now wouldn’t it!
    To finish off this extraordinarily long journal I am going to leave a few links to some music that might fit the upbeat wild groove of tomorrow. So sit back, listen, and have an amazing day.

    And as always: Don’t touch my tea~ :heart: 

Drink Tea <3
  • Mood: Optimism


“As far as her mom was concerned, tea fixed everything. Have a cold? Have some tea. Broken bones? There's a tea for that too. Somewhere in her mother's pantry, Laurel suspected, was a box of tea that said, 'In case of Armageddon, steep three to five minutes'.”
― Aprilynne Pike, Illusions


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oboroten Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2015
Thanks for the fave.
Octeapi Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015  Student Digital Artist
of course!
happycookie47 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2015  Student General Artist
OH my geez-us Tea, I had REAL tea today. My new neighbor is from
England, and She has a daughter (whom I am now friends with) so I came
over to her house and she had left me with her mom in the kitchen. Her mom
asked me if I would like some tea. Of course I had to give her the shake down.
Is it Lipton?
Is it Arizona?
Is this even....REAL...tea?
she laughed (I guess she thought I was playing with her but no. I was very serious. -_-)
she whipped up some tea, poured me some. I sipped it and it was....DISGUSTING.
Bitter....with a hint of berry~
Being bluntly honest I told her "heyyyyy~ this is nastyyyy~ I thought tea was good!"
and she nearly died laughing. Apparently I was suppose  to add sugar. heehee

well that's my real tea story, thought you might like hearing about it.
Octeapi Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015  Student Digital Artist
AHAHA!!! OH MY LORD, *saves comment* 
If you're not used to drinking tea especially if its a stronger kind, aka black teas, green teas, so on so forth. Than it might not be your favorite thing in the world.
next time with a berry tea add a bit of sugar!
And if you ever try a black tea, like earl grey, add sugar (or honey), a wedge of lemon, and wallah! Delicious tea!

Or one of my favorite iced teas!
Half a lemon
Half an lime
one whole orange 
(these are all juiced btw)
green tazo Zen tea.
and sweeten with sugar to taste uvu 

Try it once its warm trust me its fantastic. 
Zerna Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Octeapi. XD Very nice. But DANG were there a lot of great usernames in that suggestion list, lol. 
Octeapi Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I know right?? Some if those names were freaking ingenious!! 
I like TheEvilTeaDrinker but tis time to change 
Zerna Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fair enough. And if you wanted to change it again, you just have to wait another 6 months. XD
FreakyVicky Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Hey Tea I accidentally found something that you maybe want!…
Octeapi Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015  Student Digital Artist
WarriorsWillSurvive Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2015  Hobbyist
I will refer to you as the EvilTeaDrinker for the next few months.

Can I still call you Tea?
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